This episode focuses on Hepatitis D (HDV), which is less common than hepatitis B or C but is a serious disease that often affects underprivileged and vulnerable populations. HDV has long been neglected and even though it is a highly aggressive viral hepatitis which can rapidly progress to cirrhosis and liver cancer, it remains under-recognised, underestimated, and under-treated. What is the status of Hepatitis D elimination globally and what challenges do we still face? Which strategies would be best deployed against Hepatitis D? How can lessons learned about Hepatitis C elimination be applied to Hepatitis Delta?

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Maurizia Brunetto

Maurizia R. Brunetto is Director of the Integrated Care Department of Medical Specialties and of the Liver Unit and Laboratory of Molecular Genetics and Pathology of Hepatitis Viruses of Pisa University Hospital.  Her research activity has been focused on the study of the pathogenetic implications of hepatitis virus infection, on the analysis of factors influencing the progression of chronic hepatitis to cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma and on the treatment optimization. She did seminal work in the clinic-pathologic characterization of the HBeAg negative chronic hepatitis B with the identification of Pre-core mutant and demonstrated  the clinical usefulness of HBsAg serum levels measurement in the monitoring of antiviral      therapy and identification of HBeAg negative infection with the definition of the clinical cut-off, currently suggested by the international guidelines.

Lindsey Hiebert

Lindsey Hiebert is the Associate Director of the Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination. The Coalition is based at the Task Force for Global Health, an international NGO in Atlanta, United States. At the Coalition, Lindsey supports initiatives related to technical assistance, operational research, advocacy, and policy to advance hepatitis B and C elimination globally.



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  • Wolfgang Hein

    Thank you for the interesting content. Will there be a transcript.

  • Maraika Black

    Dear Wolfgang,
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