Are you keeping your Clinical Practice Guidelines knowledge up to date? Take the EASL Quiz.

Use the new series EASL Quiz: Test Your Guidelines Knowledge – quick, handy, and helpful – to sharpen your skills. Each quiz presents a short case, drawing from EASL’s Clinical Practice Guidelines and relating to the latest in therapeutic developments. It poses a question and offers 4-5 possible answers to choose from. Pick your answer, check if it’s right, and compare with your peers’ responses.

Disclaimer: EASL quizzes are usually based on recommendations from clinical practice guidelines. Since COVID-19 is a recent severe disease so that established clinical practice guideline have not yet been issued, quiz questions and their “correct“ answers are based on EASL position statements, observations in the EASL supported COVID-Hep and AASLD supported SECURE-cirrhosis registries, or recent publications referring to key information.

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