Webcast – Virological Aspects of COVID-19

In this first edition of EASL’s webcast series on COVID-19, Professor Darius Moradpour will take you through the fundamentals of SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19, supported by two world-renowned virologists. The experts will summarise its structure and genome, piecing together what we know of the evolutionary journey of this virus, its zoonotic origins and how it differs from other coronaviruses. The interplay between viral and host factors in terms of pathogenicity is also explored.

Take the first steps in understanding the systemic and hepatic implications of COVID-19, with a thought-provoking discussion comparing the origins of hepatitis viruses and SARS-CoV-2. The experts assess the likelihood of a spread of a future hepatotropic coronavirus and lay to rest some common questions and misconceptions about the virus. 

This webcast sets the scene for future episodes that will cover the clinical aspects of COVID-19 and will update on what we know regarding the hepatic effects of this virus.

•    Professor Darius Moradpour, Lausanne University Hospital and University of Lausanne, Switzerland
•    Professor Jan Felix Drexler, Institute of Virology of the Charité, Berlin, Germany
•    Professor Volker Thiel, Institute of Virology and Immunology, Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Bern, Switzerland


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