Webcast – Viral markers and the diagnosis of COVID-19

Join Professor Mario Mondelli and Professor Jean-Michel Pawlotsky for a two-part discussion on viral markers in COVID-19 and how they relate to diagnosis and public health.

In part one, the experts take an overview on how the viral markers change over the course of the infection, and what this tells us about the infectiousness of this virus at different stages. They examine how RNA and antibody markers for the virus can be combined to arrive at a diagnosis for COVID-19, and reflect on the reliability of sampling methods such as nasopharyngeal swabs.

Both specialists share their experiences and perspectives on who should be tested for COVID-19, from the contacts of RNA-positive patients to residents of nursing homes, and how testing can be implemented. Questions examined include whether clusters of symptoms can be successfully used as “virtual swabs”, the sensitivity and specificity of available serological assays and the utility of antibody testing over the course of the infection.

In the upcoming second part, Professors Mondelli and Pawlotsky consider how testing can be applied to an exit strategy from lockdown and the likelihood of long-term immunity following COVID-19 infection.


  • Professor Mario Mondelli, University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy

  • Professor Jean-Michel Pawlotsky, University of Paris-Est, Paris, France