The Baveno Consensus started over 30 years ago with the aim of reviewing current diagnostic and therapeutic strategies and producing updated definitions.

But, with the extension of indication of non-steroidal beta blockers, has the consensus gone too far?

  • Is there enough evidence for their use in already decompensated patients?
  • How safe are they in this patient population?
  • What do we know about the effects on refractory ascites? Circulatory dysfunction?

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a. krag Aleksander Krag is Professor and Head of Hepatology at University of Southern Denmark and Odense University Hospital. Main research areas are within complications to cirrhosis, portal hypertension and alcoholic liver disease. He is involved in a number of collaborations, including being Coordinator in the H2020 project GALAXY: Gut and liver axis in alcoholic liver fibrosis.



Thomas Reiberger is a hepatologist at the Medical University of Vienna focusing on translational research in the field of advanced chronic liver disease. His Christian-Doppler Laboratory for Portal Hypertension and Liver Fibrosis deciphers molecular mechanisms involved in fibrogenesis and fibrosis regression and evaluates novel treatment options for portal hypertension and antifibrotic therapies in preclinical studies. As a physician, he heads the liver outpatient clinic, the Ultrasound/Elastography unit and the post liver transplant care at the Medical University of Vienna. Currently, he also serves as the Scientific Secretary of the Baveno Cooperation.

Dominique Thabut

Dominique Thabut is Professor in Hepatology at the APHP Sorbonne Université, Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière, Paris, France. Her areas of expertise include end-stage liver diseases, portal hypertension, hepatic encephalopathy. She participated in the development of the portal hypertension and hepatic encephalopathy international guidelines (Baveno, EASL, AASLD).