Hepatitis C Point of Care Testing

Health Network Collective is a project to bring formalized skills and a supportive systemized approach for our non-regulated workforce in navigating pathways to cure in our community. The project brings the ability to complete online micro-credential training & qualification, screen those in need, link to treatment and navigate to possible cure. Health Network Collective is an emerging global entity adaptable and scalable to any global context with a focus on marginalized, low socio-economic, ethnic and general populations, supplementing existing health structures and systems.
This group is for discussion and research of POCT in a non-regulated workforce context.
Masters research survey here https://forms.gle/tAw6mpct6AnDgstq7

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  • Gavin Hooper-Newton

    Please feel free to complete and share my masters research survey for informing development of a systemized community and non-regulated workforce approach to enabling HCV POCT training, testing and linking to care https://forms.gle/tAw6mpct6AnDgstq7