This #EASLStudio JHEP Live discusses the newly released EASL Clinical Practice Guidelines on Acute-on-chronic liver failure (ACLF).

In particular:

  • ICU admission criteria for patients with ACLF
  • Treatment of infection and antibiotic selection
  • Liver support
  • Liver transplantation for ACLF: Sarcopenia and frailty


  • Richard Moreau (Moderator)
  • Rajiv Jalan (Faculty)
  • Constantine Karvellas (Faculty)
  • Rakhi Maiwall (Faculty)

ℹ️ Please click here to access the podcast version of this EASL Studio episode.

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  • Laura Daguerre

    Some of these questions were answered during the live discussion.
    If you have any additional questions or comments for our expert panel, please use the comment box :)
    EASL Office

  • Laura Daguerre

    Questions from the audience during the live discussion:
    - Should transplant candidacy influence the decision to bring ACLF patients into ICU for monitoring? Thanks
    - Should antifungal be routinely given in ACLF patients admitting to ICU?
    - What is the OS at 1-5y for ACLF2-3 in the UK by ITT and how this prioritization impacted overall mortality on WL would be interesting to analyze
    - The incidence of sarcopenia in post-LT is high, even in non-sarco.Are we certain that sarcopenia is a futility parameter, or does it depend on the time to LT?
    - I think it is important to emphasize that sarcopenia is not the same as frailty, and it is key to know what to use and why.