EASL–EFSUMB Ultrasound of the liver

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11 hours

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Up to 11 CME credits

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About this course

This course, a collaboration between EASL and EFSUMB, will give you a comprehensive grounding in the imaging and elastography of the liver by ultrasonography. The four modules will progress through the subject area, from the fundamental principles of ultrasound imaging and liver anatomy, through the application of these techniques to diagnosing liver diseases and malignancies, to the range of elastography techniques and their use in diagnosis and monitoring. Each module consists of detailed topic presentations by experienced European specialists, accompanied by hands-on technique demonstrations by two of the leading global experts in the field of liver ultrasound. You can take these modules at your own pace and, for those with existing fundamental knowledge, later modules can also be taken as standalone courses

Benefits for learners

  • Hands-on demonstrations
  • Self-paced and self-directed learning
  • CME from the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS)


  • Learners will be given thorough grounding in the physical principles of ultrasound imaging and elastography
  • Learners will review the anatomy of the liver and surrounding organs and blood vessels
  • Learners will gain an understanding of the ultrasonographic signs of a wide range of liver diseases
  • Learners will know how to differentiate liver lesions and interpret their clinical significance
  • Learners will review the practical application of a range of elastography techniques
  • Learners will gain an understanding of how to stage liver fibrosis by elastography
  • Hepatologists
  • Gastroenterologists
  • Trainees
  • General practitioners

1. The basics of ultrasonography and normal anatomy of the liver, bile ducts, spleen and related vessels (3 hours, 3 CME credits, release date: April 2019)

with Prof. Mette Vesterhus, Dr Mihai Socaciu, Prof. Adrian Lim, Prof. Radu Badea & Dr Annamaria Deganello

2. Disease of the liver and how to diagnose portal hypertension (2 hours, 2 CME credits, release date: May 2019)

with Dr Horia Stefanescu, Prof. Annalisa Berzigotti, Prof. Christoph Dietrich & Dr Christian Jenssen

3. Focal liver lesions: the liver and biliary system (3 hours, 3 CME credits, release date: September 2019)

with Prof. Maija Radzina, Prof. Christoph Dietrich, Prof. Fabio Piscaglia & Dr Christian Jenssen

4. Liver elastography (3 hours, 3 CME credits, release date: Spetember 2019)

with Dr Thomas Karlas, Dr Alina Popescu, Dr Giovanna Ferraioli, Dr Annamaria Deganello & Prof. Fabio Piscaglia

A hands-video is available describing the doppler ultrasound of focal liver lesions by Prof. Fabio Piscaglia

  1. In each module, you will need to complete all the Pre Knowledge Checks to determine your current level of understanding. This is not counted as part of your grade for this course.
  2. After completing a Pre Knowledge Check you can view the main content.
  3. After completing the main content you will unlock the Post Knowledge Check. You must pass this to complete the module.
  4. Once you pass all the Post Knowledge Checks you will need to provide module feedback in order to unlock your Module Certificate and your CME Credits Certificate.
  5. Continue with the next module.

The course is available through desktop and mobile devices on all internet browsers (e.g. Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox). You can also take this course using the Moodle app, please follow the below instructions if you are running the app for the first time. If you have already access the EASL Campus via the Moodle app, just go to step 5:

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  5. Click on the three dots icon at the bottom right corner of your screen and select "Scan QR Code". 
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  7. Start the course.

Completing this course will grant you with an EASL "Certificate of Completion" and up to eleven European CME credits as well as experience points to collect the topic-related and bookworm badges.

About the authors

  • Prof. Annalisa Berzigotti

    Course director

  • Prof. Fabio Piscaglia

    Course director

  • Dr Christian Jenssen

    Course director