This Journal Club focused on the ability of biomarkers to predict the risk of developing symptomatic liver disease in patients with early stages of alcohol-related liver disease.

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    Wonderful session. Many insightful sharing. Thank you!

  • Sharat Varma

    Excellent even to watch a recorded version

  • Mattias MANDORFER

    Thanks for watching!

  • Mattias MANDORFER

    We are looking forward to your questions - I'll ask them directly in the Zoom call.

  • Elinam Gayi

    This Journal Club will be starting soon. If you have any questions for the faculty, log-in to your EASL Campus account and type them here!

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Raj Mookerjee
Moderator and Educational Committee Member
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Stine Johansen
Presenter and Author
Maja Thiele
Maja Thiele
Alexandre Louvet
The Challenger
Mattias Mandorfer
Moderator & YI Task Force Member
Portrait of Dr. Elsharkawy
Ahmed Elsharkawy
Chair & Internal Affairs Councillor
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Elinam Gayi
Medical Copywriter & Editor
Mounia Heddad Masson
Head of Education & Science
Laurent Perrin
Laurent Perrin
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