This Journal Club discusses a study published in Nature in which human cholangiocyte organoids were used as a proof-of-principle system to demonstrate that the bile acid receptor FXR controls the expression of ACE2.

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Portrait of Dr. Banales
Jesús Bañales
Moderator & Educational Committee Member
Portrait of Dr. Elsharkawy
Ahmed Elsharkawy
Chair & Internal Affairs Councillor
Portrait of Dr Fotios Sampaziotis
Fotios Sampaziotis
Senior Author
Portrait of Teresa Brevini
Teresa Brevini
Presenting Author
Portrait of Dr. Afonso
Marta Afonso
YI Task Force Member
Portrait of David Trampert
David Trampert
Potrait EG
Elinam Gayi
Medical Copywriter & Editor
Laurent Perrin
Laurent Perrin
Science & Education Coordinator
Mounia Heddad Masson
Head of Education & Science

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