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After two years in the virtual space, the ILC is finally returning to the “analogous” world, and we are looking forward to the REAL ILC EXPERIENCE. Whether you are already an “ILC regular”, or it is your first time around – sit back and let us prepare you to get the best out of EASL’s flagship event.

During the webinar, the EASL team will give you an overview on what the congress has to offer and how to navigate the program. Get ready to build your own itinerary 🗺️ that allows you not only to savour the science, but also the networking and the fun that make the ILC unique.

For those of you who are presenting a poster or giving a talk – our speakers will share basic tips and tricks on how to communicate your research in a concise but exciting way, to ensure that you will make a lasting impression.

Finally – never underestimate the power of social media. Did you know that citations increase when you promote your work on social media? Gain visibility – and join the #livertwitter community during ILC2022. After the webinar, you will be ready to tweet!

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Anna Saborowski
Anna Saborowski
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Marta Afonso
Chair and YI Task Force Member
Mounia Heddad Masson
Head of Education & Science
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Philipp Schwabl
YI Task Force Member
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Elliot Tapper
JHEP Web/Social Media Editor
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Pablo Echeverria
Journal of Hepatology Editorial Coordinator

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