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Metabolism, Alcohol & Toxicity
Nurses & AHPs On-demand Webinar: Management of NAFLD – Integration of different perspectives • Description This on-demand webinar focuses on highlighting barriers to living with NAFLD and looks at options for addressing them, through interactive debates and expert talks on current evidence and management strategies, including lifestyle interventions.  Learn about the burning topic of NAFLD from a range of perspectives: patient representative, doctor, liver nurse, dietician, and physiotherapist, and take part in small group discussions.   Target Audience   This on-demand webinar is intended for nurses and AHPs, but all members of the liver community are welcome.    Learning Objectives   Gaining an understanding of the pathophysiology of NAFLD    Reviewing methods for treating NAFLD, the evidence for these methods, and their clinical usefulness  Reviewing the effectiveness of exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments in the management of NAFLD and the barriers to implementing strategies  Considering the implications of living with NAFLD and its impact on management and care   Programme  Time Title 00:00-05:14 Welcome Dr Patrizia Künzler-Heule, chair of EASL Nurses’ & AHP taskforce, University of Basel, Switzerland 05:14-12:55 Living with NAFLD. What do HCP’s need to know Mr. Christian Price, patient representative, Birmingham, United Kingdom 12:55-19:40 Q&A 19:40-38:58 NAFLD in a nutshell Prof. Elisabetta Bugianesi, physician, gastroenterologist, Torino University, Italy 38:58-42:00 Q&A 42:00-57:45 Can exercise make an impact? Dr Kate Hallsworth, physiotherapist Newcastle biomedical research centre, United Kingdom 57:45-01:03:15 Q&A 01:03:15-01:14:20 The scope of nutritional management in NAFLD Ms. Tayla Robertson, dietitian, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, Australia 01:14:20-01:19:34 Q&A 01:19:34-01:27:35 The impact of treatment on my life Mr. Christian Price, patient representative, Birmingham, United Kingdom 01:27:35-01:30:12 Summary of webinar and close Ms. Jennifer Towey, member of EASL Nurses’ & AHP taskforce, Birmingham, United Kingdom  
General Hepatology
EASL–Lancet Liver Commission: Protecting the next generation of Europeans against liver disease complications and premature mortality • Description This official launch marks the publication of the report of the EASL–Lancet Liver Commission:  Protecting the next generation of Europeans against liver disease complications and premature mortality. This prestigious event is a culmination of many years of collaboration together, with a new momentum toward its solid implementation. The discussion will engage commissioners (contributors to the report), other high-level actors and experts from the European institutions, and patient representatives. Key topics of the report will be discussed, as well as how the European Union policy and funding initiatives can support both the recommendations and application of good practices throughout the EU. The goal of saving the lives of almost 300,000 people per year across Europe is what is driving this initiative. Policy actions for marketing, pricing, and taxation of alcohol and unhealthy foods are of paramount importance with an ability to reduce premature morbidity and save these hundreds of thousands of lives per year across the region. Target audience We warmly invite a broad range of stakeholders including primary care physicians, nurses, patients, peers, and members of relevant communities, along with medical specialists trained in obesity, diabetes, liver disease, oncology, cardiovascular disease, public health, addictions, infectious diseases, civil society organisations, representatives from patient organisations, policymakers, medical associations, and other actors involved in those topics in Europe and beyond. Programme Time Title 00:00-02:26 Opening remarks Patrizia Burra (Italy) and Thomas Berg, EASL Secretary-General (Germany) 02:26-09:26 Introductory remarks Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief, The Lancet (United Kingdom) 09:26-15:56 Keynote statement on EU health policy Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission (Belgium) 15:56-25:00 Overview of the EASL-Lancet Liver Commission Michael Manns, EASL–Lancet Commission Co-chair (Germany) 25:00-32:50 The burden of liver disease in Europe Nick Sheron (United Kingdom) 32:50-39:44 Children and the power of digital marketing Shira Zelber-Sagi (Israel) 39:44-46:20 Stigma as a barrier in pathways of liver care Patrizia Carrieri (France) 46:20-53:53 Primary care hepatology Rachel Pryke (United Kingdom) 53:53-01:00:27 A paradigm shift in hepatology Pere Ginès (Spain) 01:00:27-01:27:12 Panel discussion: How to move from recommendations to action? Moderators: Jeffrey Lazarus, EASL-Lancet Commissioner (Spain) & Maria Buti, EASL EU Policy Councillor (Spain) Participants: Shlomo Vinker, WONCA (Israel) Michele Cecchini, OECD (France) Rachel Halford, WHA (United Kingdom) 01:27:12-01:39:22 Q&A from audience 01:39:22-01:44:57 Future opportunities of a Lancet Commission Sabine Kleinert, The Lancet (United Kingdom) 01:44:57-01:48:09 Closing remarks Tom Hemming Karlsen, EASL–Lancet Commission Co-chair (Norway)